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Start by going to our document search and try a full-text search for agreements. As this decision makes clear, obtaining orders from the FWC to protect the confidentiality of workers` representatives is not an easy process. Requests of this type should be managed strategically, and employers should seek expert advice before submitting documents approving company agreements and seeking confidentiality orders. 22.7. In rare cases, it may be necessary to ask a part-time employee to work overtime instead of obtaining consent. In this case, overtime is paid in an hour and a half for all overtime hours between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. monday to Friday. Hours worked after 18:00 will be paid in accordance with the provisions of Article 25. Alternatively, the work can be granted at the appropriate rate.

Switch to regular list or normal working hours 66. The Fair Work Dispute Resolution Commission publishes company agreements on this website. § 185 – Application for approval of a single company agreement If you have sought an agreement and do not find it: This decision is worrying because it does little to protect the identity of the bargaining representatives of workers who could legitimately fear reprisals from their union. It is really necessary to keep the identity of workers confidential if they are members of a union, but choose not to involve the union in negotiations and prefer to work directly with their employer to reach a mutually beneficial company agreement. Company agreements can be tailored to the needs of specific companies. An agreement should put an employee in a better position overall in relation to the corresponding reward(s). .